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Cannabis science & research


If someone presented you with the idea that the earth is flat and was adamant that it simply must be true because they found it on the internet, well, you’d laugh at them (I hope).


Ideally you will want stacks of human studies, but science doesn’t start there, it starts with compounds and animals. Yes, yes. I understand that we are not animals and that research using animal models can be easy to discredit. But outside of the obvious risk to humans with the unknown, do you know why science uses animals?


According to Stanford, some animals are so biologically similar to us to the point where mice share more than 98% of the same DNA as us.[1] Animals are also vulnerable to many of the same health conditions and issue as we are. And with a shorter life span than humans, researchers can study them through a few generations to see how these diseases progress and how they interact biologically.


Think of it as science taking baby steps when researching cannabis.

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 I am not a doctor. I don't even play one on T.V.  The above collected research is just scratching the surface of the 20k+ studies available and is for educational purposes only. Please speak with your medical professionals prior to starting a cannabis regimen.

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