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My Story

Over 12 years ago, I chose to give cannabis a shot as a method of treatment for my CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth). Not only did I find that it greatly improved my quality of life, but I was now wildly curious about how it worked and how it could help others. So, I followed Hunter S. Thompson's recommendation and I bought the ticket and took the ride by changing careers to the cannabis industry.


I have yet to regret a single day.

I have worked for a cannabis certification center, and then ran the gauntlet of retail positions from reception through team leader and now tutoring within the Metro Detroit cannabis markets. I have spoken with city councils, law enforcement, assisted living facilities, veterans and so many others in an effort to educate them on how cannabis works in the real world.


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I am a huge advocate for the importance of proper science-based cannabinoid education & dosages, prescription interactions, whole plant products and terpene profiles. I am also a firm believer that targeted and tailored cannabinoid and terpene medicine is the future of our new industry.


I have crossed paths with thousands of people looking to cannabis for help with physical, mental and/or emotional conditions. I have seen cannabis do wonders for so many of these people and I have seen it do absolutely nothing for others. Cannabis is not for everyone. Cannabis is not a cure all, a magic bullet, or the last medicine you'll ever take. But what it may have is the potential to help.


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