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Sometimes things that you don’t want or what something isn’t, is the shorter list. So, I will tell you here what isn’t included and what I won’t do.  


What you will not get from me is medical advice, as I have had zero medical training. All of the science included comes with direct references to the research supporting my statements and methods. I implore you to have very candid conversations with your doctors prior to starting a cannabis regimen. Drug interactions and certain cannabis compounds could do more harm than good.


You will also not get legal advice, as I have had zero legal training. Any mention of laws comes with direct references to where I get my information from. My book and tutoring services are only to aid anyone interested in learning more about the products and science behind medicating with cannabis with the occasional nod to the cannabis culture.


You will find that I use several different terms when I talk about the plant and its users. I do this because this is the language of the people, but I will introduce the proper terminology in hopes of aiding in the evolution of our industry. I tutor the very basics of cannabis and is meant so everyone can understand and relate.


What you will also not get from me are specific recommendations for specific medical conditions, again I am not medically trained in any way, but I will offer references for research-based information and my opinions based upon the research for you to make your own educated decisions.

You will also not find brand endorsements, but I will present the resources on the different products and methods of intake so you may be educated on how and what you might take for your own personal condition.  I do not sell any cannabis products or paraphernalia. Read that again. 

Both my book and my tutoring services are for educational purposes only. Any information found on this site is not to be copied, redistributed or used for any commercial purposes without expressed, written consent by Balanced Branches, LLC.

Happy learning folks!

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