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Who can cannabis help and who can it harm? Is there a difference between taking drops and eating a gummy? How is it possible that it can work for so many different things?

I'm here to help sort some of it out for you with history, science, and my 12 years of personal interactions with medical marijuana patients, vendors, shop owners and scientists.


As the year of 2023 began, Americans have found 39 states (plus District of Columbia) have some sort of medical marijuana program.[1] I think it is safe to say that cannabis isn’t going anywhere. You may be all for it. You may be strongly against it. You may have more questions than a four-year-old at bedtime. And all of these are okay. I offer cannabis tutoring to any of these groups that want to learn more about the plant and how it interacts with humans and businesses alike.


hemp marijuana


I will focus more on how cannabis has changed over the years, the different ways to consume cannabis and share the research that backs the concern for drug interactions. 

hemp marijuana


I will help you to be a more educated cannabis consumer by debunking some of the misconceptions surrounding who it can help, who it can harm, how cannabis works and how it doesn't. 

hemp marijuana


I will take a deeper dive into cannabinoids, methods of intake and how to successfully recognize disabilities to offer the highest level of care.

(For further education, check out “Budtenders Blueprint”.)


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