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The science behind the plant, interactions with the human condition and the circus that is cannabis retail evolves daily.

The concepts of THC, CBD and knowing that your nose knows are just scratching the surface of what you need to successfully help your customers, retain your staff and set you above the competition.


Cannabis retail training for consultants and management


There is a huge disconnect between the ever-evolving research and getting the results to the actual consumer at the counter. But these answers and more, are out there, it’s just that most of it is not in plain English, nor is it all in one spot. So, I'm here to help sort some of it out for you with history, science, and stories from my 12 years of interactions with medical marijuana patients, vendors, shop owners and scientists. 



We have only just begun to get into the true natural chemicals of cannabis and what they may hold as plant-based medicine.

I offer a deep dive into what we know today, what we don't and how it interacts with humans.



There are a few standard medical conditions that will cross a cannabis retail threshhold on a daily basis. But what often is not considered are the behaviors that go hand-in-hand with the condition.


Knowing how to address not only the ailment, but the behaviors associated with them, will only make your job easier and more productive for both you and the patient.



I have learned, sometimes painfully, that you simply cannot be prepared for every situation that walks into a pot shop.


So, I invite you to learn from my experiences (and my mistakes) when it comes to setting policy with both compliance and compassion.


My training services also cover the required education in dosage training, CBD, THC, and  consumption info as well as warnings and drug interaction as outlined by the CRA, which can be found here on page 97.




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