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Cannabis for the regular Joe by a regular Jane 

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Whether you call it marijuana, pot, weed, cannabis, or any of the dozens of other names, this ancient plant is here to stay. You may be all for it. You may be strongly against it. Or you may have more questions than a four-year-old at bedtime.


Angie Roullier has spent the past twelve years in the cannabis

retail business, and she’s found that most people have very basic

questions when it comes to cannabis and how it works in “real life.”


• Who can it help and who can it harm?

• Will holding in my hit increase my high?

• Is there a difference between taking drops or eating a


• How is it possible that it can work for so many different


The answers to these questions are out there; it’s just that most

are not in plain English, nor are they all in one spot.


Pot for the People is here to help you sort some of it out, with

history, science, and stories from Roullier’s personal interactions

with medical marijuana patients, vendors, shop owners, and


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